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Haus & Loft Home and Office Organising was founded back in 2021 by Kylie Thorley in Townsville, North Queensland. Kylie decided to share all that she had learned and experienced personally from decluttering her own home and life. The ripple effects were astounding, the improvements in the relationships with the people she loved being the biggest surprise!

It started with some small simple challenges on social media. Then, as friends, and friends of friends, asked for even more help, it turned into a small thriving business.

In 2023, we rebranded with the new, fresh business name, The Spacious Life.

We now offer workshops, online courses, a supportive private Facebook group and ongoing regularly encouragement from Kylie herself.

Kylie is passionate about helping people change their lives and has seen firsthand on multiple occasions how decluttering and getting more organised can do this is a big way!


A complete transformation is what Kylie helped me achieve with my studio/office space. Kylie understood my need to keep my space creative and in flow, yet functional and easy to maintain. I was particularly grateful that Kylie took the time to really feel how I worked, asked questions and gave me solutions that helped me recycle and reuse items in creative ways. I also love her add on services for taking away unwanted items.

Filitsa K

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